Messiah Time Calculator

I was discussing with a colleague how long the Christmas portion of the Messiah was compared to the whole thing. Feeling the need to justify my thought that it was certainly more than an hour, I built the attached handy-dandy Messiah time calculator spreadsheet.

Download it here: messiah-time-calculator

If you open up the sheet, you’ll see each movement listed along with an average duration. Scroll down to the bottom to see the total, as well as totals for each part and for the chorus versus soloists.

Now for the fun part. If you put an ‘x’ (or anything really) in the first column next to a movement, that movement will be excluded from the totals. So you can play around with excluding all of part 3, for example, by putting an ‘x’ in the first column of rows 49-57.

The data for the Average Duration comes from looking at 5 different recordings on and noting the duration of each. The average of those times is used as a representative duration. (Raw data is in the hidden columns.)

Note that some recordings skipped sections, so the data is not quite as solid as I might have liked, but I figure it is good enough to get a general idea.

UPDATE: There is now a JavaScript version.

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