The Final Rip: I-J

Here is where I talk a little about various artists whose music I own. (S/T means self-titled.)

Since MTV was a big part of my early music experience, I tried to find videos of one song for each band just for fun. Apologies in advance for some of the more lurid examples, I mostly picked them based on the song, not on the video content!

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Complete(ish) Collections

Jump, Little Children (1998 Magazine, 2001 The Early Years, Volume 1, 2001 Vertigo, 2004 Between the Dim and the Dark) — “Hey, I know one of the band members” is why we first picked up their music, since my wife’s cousin is their cello/guitar player, but I quickly grew to appreciate them independent of this connection. Was always interesting to hear tidbits of their efforts to get signed. Even though they’ve officially moved on to other projects, they still have quite the following in the south. And I find it cool that Joan Osborne covered the beautiful “Cathedrals.”

Jump Little Children - Cathedrals

Partial Collections

INXS (1984 The Swing, 1987 Kick) — Mid-80’s INXS had just an amazing string of albums. At one point I had Shabooh Shoobah and Listen Like Thieves as well as these two, then decided it was time for a Greatest Hits collection, then realized I didn’t like anything newer and was missing some key favorites, so I started picking up some of the albums again! The Swing is definitely my favorite album, but “Need You Tonight” is probably my favorite song.

INXS Need You Tonight - Mediate

Izdatso (2001 S/T) — I tend to find straight up trance/dance music better on mixed compilations rather than as individual artists’ albums. This is a typical case of a good-enough-to-keep-but-doesn’t-blow-me-away CD. Band doesn’t even warrant a Wikipedia entry, apparently.

Izdatso - Western Nights

Greatest Hits

In This Moment (2015 Rise Of The Blood Legion – Greatest Hits) — Another recent addition to the lineup after hearing some good stuff on Octane. Weird that this 2015 collection doesn’t include anything from their 2014 album, including “Big Bad Wolf” which was the first song that caught our attention. Also interesting to find that their earlier work is less screamy than their harder, more recent stuff. Personally, I prefer the screamier stuff!


Michael Jackson (2003 Number Ones) — Oh come on, everyone needs some MJ in their collection! Also: the video for “Thriller,” featuring zombies before they were trite.

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Video)

Billy Joel (1985 Greatest Hits, Volume I & Volume II) — I remember wondering as a kid if it was ok to like Billy Joel because my grandpa was a fan, LOL. Honestly don’t care too much for his later stuff, and I can take or leave a few of the items on here, but I do have a soft spot for a lot of the tunes in the middle, especially when he rocks it up a little.

Billy Joel - Pressure

Howard Jones (1993 The Best of Howard Jones) — HoJo is one of those artists who was omnipresent during my teenage years but who never clicked onto my radar until much later. I picked up this collection and realized that I knew pretty much every song, but just didn’t recognize them by name.

Howard Jones - New Song

Journey (1988 Greatest Hits) — Apparently I’m the only person who thinks “Separate Ways” is a masterpiece and the best Journey song ever. So be it!

Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

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