The Final Rip: K

Here is where I talk a little about various artists whose music I own. (S/T means self-titled.)

Since MTV was a big part of my early music experience, I tried to find videos of one song for each band just for fun. Apologies in advance for some of the more lurid examples, I mostly picked them based on the song, not on the video content!

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Complete(ish) Collections

Kasabian (2004 S/T, 2006 Empire, 2009 West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, 2011 Velociraptor!, 2014 48:13, 2017 For Crying Out Loud) — One of my favorite recent bands! Their first big song “Clubfoot” was popular around the time we moved to the Seattle area, and I picked up their debut album. Love their hooky songs and their willingness to bring out the synths in the name of cool music!

Kasabian - Days Are Forgotten

Kraftwerk (1975 Radio-Activity, 1977 Trans-Europe Express, 1978 The Man-Machine, 1981 Computer World, 1986 Electric Cafe, 1991 The Mix, 2003 Tour de France Soundtracks) — Despite getting into electronic music in high school, I was pretty oblivious to the existence of Kraftwerk for many years. Fortunately, my eyes were finally opened to their greatness in the late 90s. The wife and I quote this song all the time, and now even our 6yo quotes it back, LOL.

Kraftwerk - The Robots

Partial Collections

Kid Rock (1998 Devil Without a Cause) — Ok, I take full responsibility here. Early Kid Rock was more white trash hip-hop, and the song “Bawitdaba” from this album had a heavier almost industrial sound to it. The rest of the album has enough fun songs and over-the-top attitude that I’ll admit to still giving it a spin now and again.

Kid Rock - Bawitdaba (Enhanced Video)

The Killers (2004 Hot Fuss) — This record was all the alterna-rage on Seattle radio in 2004, largely on the back of “Somebody Told Me.” The promise of that song made me hope for a harder-edge 80s retro-synth style that I found lacking when I got the album (ultimately The Faint managed to find that sweet spot I was looking for). I could lose this one from my collection without much sorrow.

The Killers - Somebody Told Me

Korn (1999 Issues) — Another one-off that I picked up largely on the promise of one single (“Falling Away from Me“). Decent album but not enough to make me explore further.

Korn - Freak On a Leash

Greatest Hits

Kansas (1984 The Best of Kansas) — Some really great, classic songs from these guys. But as an early 80’s MTV fanatic, it was “Play the Game Tonight” which caught my attention.

Kansas - Play The Game Tonight

KISS (1996 Greatest KISS) — I mostly knew of early KISS through their trading cards, which annoyingly got mixed up with our Star Wars trading cards. When I went through my early high school hair metal phase, KISS had unmasked, and for two albums during that time period, I was a pretty big fan.

Kiss - Heaven's On Fire

KMFDM (1998 Retro) — I was a huge fan of early KMFDM when Raymond Watts was involved and I was high on the discovery of industrial music. As time wore on, and albums accumulated, they all pretty much just started sounding the same, so this collection suffices to cover the essentials.

KMFDM - Dont Blow Your Top - Track 2

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