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Why do the good shows have to die so soon?

Found this amusing article about the Fox network and their ability to take really good, innovative shows and make sure that nobody sees them by constantly pre-empting them and hardly giving the shows a chance to succeed. I don't watch a lot of TV, but what I do often find myself watching turns out to be quite a few of the shows mentioned in the article: "Futurama" (one of my favorites, I liked it better than "The Simpsons", actually), "Family Guy", "Millennium", "Harsh Realm", and especially "Firefly" were all victims of Fox's programming staff as much as they were victims of poor ratings.

It seems that these days if a show isn't an instant hit, it is canned within the first few episodes. Whatever happened to letting a show build an audience? You'd think Fox would have learned their lesson thanks to the unexpectedly large DVD sales of "Futurama", "Family Guy" and "Firefly". But apparently not. I never watched "Wonderfalls", but I suspect it would be a good show to check out. I mean, given that it was cancelled after its fourth episode by the same network that cancelled so many other shows I liked....