Aaron Giles 

I am a Seattle-area pro­gram­mer, mu­si­cian, web de­vel­o­per, and gra­phic de­sign­er. Click through each section below to find out more about my work.

Pardon the dust! If you came here looking for something but cannot find it, be patient as I clean up and re-create the site. You might also try looking over here. If you want the really old stuff, it is now archived over here.


PROGRAMMING. I am a comp­uter program­mer with over 30 years of exper­ience working primar­ily on low-level technol­ogies. Over the course of my career I have contri­buted to a wide variety of soft­ware, including:

MUSIC. I am an avoca­tional choral singer and aspira­tional composer of choral works, with over 10 years of exper­ience studying and partici­pating in vocal perform­ance, choir manage­ment, music en­graving, compo­sition, and music theory. Currently I am actively involved as:


WEB DEVELOPMENT. I have maintained an active web presence for over 20 years, and in the process have become adept at creating hand-crafted sites for blogs, software projects, choir management, calendars, music learning, etc. Some of the sites I have developed include:

GRAPHIC DESIGN & LAYOUT. I am an occasional graphic designer, with nearly 10 years of experience designing and printing (mostly choir-related) logos, flyers, programs, brochures, and even hymnals. Some of the projects I have been involved include:

  • designing new logos for two of my choirs
  • engraving and layout of a new Compline hymnal
  • designing promotional trifold brochures for the GSCC
  • creating concert programs for two of my choirs
  • designing concert flyers for Summer Fling Singers

MISCELLANY. I have written about various topics in the past that don’t readily fit into the areas above, so here is where I’ve collected them:


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