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Hello, and welcome to the download page for DREAMM.


DREAMM is a bespoke emulator for LucasArts games (complete list), including:

If you’re really only into the SCUMM games and want to know why DREAMM is worth considering as an alternative to ScummVM, check out my FAQ on the topic.

HEADS-UP! If you are upgrading from DREAMM 2.0 or an earlier beta, you will be prompted the first time you run DREAMM 2.1.2 to re-verify your games. You are strongly encouraged to do so! Otherwise, you may find that some of your previously-installed games are no longer available to play. In the unlikely event that a game is no longer found after upgrading and re-verifying, simply re-install the game using DREAMM 2.1.2.


Current Release: 2.1.2 (6 December 2023)

Click the button below to download an installer for the latest version. The installer will automatically install the appropriate binaries for your system (either x64 or ARM64).

DREAMM 2.1.2 for Windows (Installer)
Or download standlone binaries for: x64ARM64

DREAMM is also available for MacOS and Linux.

Click the button below to download an image file for the latest version. The image contains universal binaries for both x64 and ARM64 systems.

DREAMM is also available for Windows and Linux.

Click one of the buttons below to download a package for your system architecture. Once downloaded, unpack the archive and run dreamm. Note that you will need to have libsdl2 installed to run DREAMM. For further installation details, check out the DREAMM documentation.

DREAMM is also available for Windows and MacOS.


DREAMM comes with a very extensive documentation page here:

View the Documentation

Beta Releases

If you are interested in seeing the future of DREAMM, check the beta page for the latest bleeding edge release.


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