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Beta Releases

The beta testing period for DREAMM 3.0 has begun!

Current Release: 3.0b3 (20 February 2024)

Below please find links to download the latest beta release, for Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms.




Major New Features

Here is a rundown the major new features in this release. For release-to-release specifics, check the changelog at the end of the readme.txt.

New Games Supported

DREAMM 3.0 rounds out support for the LucasArts/LucasFilm DOS era of games, including:

PHM Pegasus
Battlehawks 1942
Strike Fleet
Pipe Dream/Pipe Mania
Their Finest Hour: Battle of Britain
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game
Night Shift
Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: The Action Game

In addition, DREAMM 3.0 includes support for a few related DOS games that have strong LucasFilm connections:

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
Star Wars Chess
Super Star Wars (unreleased prototype)

Expansion Pack Support

DREAMM can now identify and install expansion packs for games like X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and the early flight sims. This also includes support for add-ons like the Roland upgrades offered for Loom and The Secret of Monkey Island.

To apply an upgrade, navigate to the specific game you wish to upgrade within DREAMM and then drag the updater onto DREAMM’s window.

Game Files and Settings

Game deltas (files modified by the game) and configuration are now stored separately for each game version.

This means that if you have multiple versions of a single game installed, they won’t interfere with each other. However, it also means you will need to manually share save states or other info. (Which is probably good because it’s hard to guarantee that the data is truly compatible between versions!)

OpenGL Support and CRT Simulation

The video output path has been rewritten to use OpenGL with custom shaders. Use Alt-S/⌘S to toggle between basic scaling, epx smoothing, and CRT simulation:

If OpenGL support not available, DREAMM falls back to old SDL way (but no CRT simulation).

Fixed Mode Execution

DREAMM 3.0 sports a new fixed mode execution that provides more consistent behavior. In prior versions, games ran in dynamic mode at full speed against real time, with some attempts to cap the speed to a maximum. In fixed mode, games run on their own clock, based on a MIPS value specified for each game.

The advantage of fixed mode is that timing-sensitive behaviors will work consistently regardless of your system speed. The disadvantage is that if your system is not fast enough to keep up, the game will slow down.

In this release, fixed mode is being used as follows:

Misc. Emulation Improvements

Additional improvements include:

Frontend UI Changes

A lot of improvements have gone into the user interface and front end. Here’s a summary:

General Changes
Changes to the main game select screen
Changes to the Configure & Launch Screen
Changes to the DREAMM Options Screen
Changes to the Add New Games Screen
Game Installation Improvements

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