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DREAMM 2.0 Beta

Hello, and welcome to the information page for DREAMM. DREAMM is a backronym for:

Arena for
Mansion (and other LucasArts Games).

Current Release: 2.0b9

Below please find links to download the latest beta release, for both Windows and MacOS platforms.



Important Changes Since 1.0

If you're coming from DREAMM 1.0, you'll find a number of things are different this time around. Below is a summary of what you need to know to get started:

Game Installation

Games in DREAMM 2.0 are always copied locally to DREAMM's install folder. To add games, simply drag them from Explorer/Finder into the game window. Some tips for installation:

Game Selection

Once you have added at least one game, you will see the game selection screen. Icons here represent each game you have installed. Double-click an icon to launch that game, or navigate with the arrow keys and press Enter to launch.

If you have installed more than one version of a game, then double-clicking the icon will bring up a menu that allows you to select from among the versions you have installed. You may end up with multiple versions if you installed any alternate languages, revisions, or demo versions.

The More Options button brings up a menu with a few basic options. You can use "Show Install Folder" to reveal DREAMM's installation directory; from here you can manually remove games if desired, since a user-friendly removal is not yet implemented.

To exit the Game Selection screen, either use the close box or press Alt+X.

In-Game Options

Once in-game, use Alt+M to bring up the menu. This will give you access to menu items for changing game options (Alt+O), changing the volume (Alt+V), or altering the game's configuration. Bringing up the menus will pause the game automatically, except when the Volume menu is visible (so that you can hear your changes live).

Changes in the game's configuration usually, but not always, revolve around video and audio options. Changing any of these values generally alters command-line parameters or configuration files, and thus the game needs to be restarted in order for them to take effect.

You will also see an item to Show Game Data. This opens the game-specific folder containing any files written by the game.

To exit a game, either use the close box or press Alt+X, or use the game's menus to exit the game.


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