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What happened?

Wow, after doing so well for so long, I had a week-long dry spell on the old blog. It had to happen eventually. Things at work have heated up and so I'm finding less free time to ramble about what I'm doing here. And with what little free time I have, I'm too busy trying to accomplish MAME-related stuff to write about it. :-)

So I hope to have some more detailed updates in the next few days, but here are a few tidbits. First, I decided that I needed to buy a new ROM programmer. The old one I have connects to a custom ISA card, and hence requires an ancient vintage PC to connect it to. Now, I realize some people out there still try to run MAME on such a beast, but I felt it was time to upgrade to something more modern using fancy "USB" technology. ;-) Seems to work pretty well so far.

One of the remaining games I want to get emulated is Gaelco's Speed Up, which is the first of the three games they made that run on the early 3D hardware (the other two being Surf Planet and Radikal Bikers). The problem is that there are a number of 42-pin ROMs on the board that neither I nor Guru can seem to read. We've even traced out the pins and are pretty sure the pin layout matches a known EPROM type (27C322), but attempting to read the data that way is unsuccessful. Unfortunately, these ROMs contain all the model and sound data, and thus the game is unplayable without them. We will continue to try and find a solution on one side of the ocean or the other.

Beyond that, I've been taking a good hard look at my Incredible Technologies 8-bit driver, and have made some nice progress that will hopefully bode well for more accurate emulation of other systems with blitter chips in the future. More on that later.