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Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda is a tough movie to watch. It is the story of Paul Rusesabagina (played extremely well by Don Cheadle), a manager at a Western-run hotel in Rwanda, who finds himself caught in the crossfire and protecting over a thousand Tutsi refugees from the Hutu militia, as the terrible genocide between the two groups gets underway.

There were a number of powerful and emotional scenes in the film, but the one thing you feel watching this is just how hopeless the situation was. There was a small U.N. peacekeeping force there, but they were hardly enough to have any impact on the violent Hutu mobs that were created and constantly encouraged over the radio to kill the Tutsi "cockroaches". In fact, the radio announcement that launched the killing spree was one of the most haunting things I have heard on film.

Nick Nolte has a small role as one of the U.N. peacekeepers, and Joaquin Phoenix plays one of the sympathetic reporters who ventures out in the midst of the violence to document it, only to report back to Paul that the West just didn't care.

Overall, this is a really good, if difficult, movie, and one of the best I've seen in a while. 4/4 stars.