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More Vegas

Been trying to figure out what's wrong with the remaining two Voodoo 2 games. They are both frustratingly puzzling.

First is War: The Final Assault. This game used to work before I added support for the ethernet chip, but hasn't been working ever since. I hacked in some code to disable the chip and sure enough, it will work without it, but I know that the board has it hooked up so I can't hack around it like that. It boots through about halfway and then just stops. It sends 3 packets out on the wire, but they are all broadcast packets and since there's nobody listening, there are no responses, nor would I expect there to be. Maybe I'll try to trace what's going on in both cases and compare the two, though tracefiles from a 250MHz RISC chip are somewhat unwieldy to scan through. On the plus side, the graphics problems from my old Voodoo emulation are gone and the game looks great when it does run.

The other non-working game, Road Burners is much closer to working now that I have the ADSP-2181 hooked up properly. The audio section of the system now works and I can boot into attract mode. There are some serious texture glitches on the in-game part of the attract mode, but apart from that it looks pretty good. The problem is that as soon as I start the game it just hangs up waiting for something. Haven't figured that one yet.

There's a part of me that wants to try and start on the Voodoo Banshee emulation, but I also really want to get the Voodoo 2 games working first. Plus, the Banshee requires a whole bunch more glue to support the 2D side of things, so that means faking VGA grossness. I only hope the games don't actually use the 2D stuff for anything except setting the display mode! Fortunately, the 3D section is pretty compatible with the Voodoo 2.