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Help Shape MAME’s Future

This is an experiment. Below are a series of video-related questions that ask how you currently set up and use MAME. Please take the time to answer these by adding comments, even if you haven't really spent much time tweaking with all of MAME's options.

The information from this poll will help me decide which usage patterns to prioritize when optimizing the new rendering system, and will also help me figure out how to simplify the giant array of options that are currently being used.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when posting your answers:

  1. If you run MAME in multiple different settings (for example, if you run it both on your regular PC and in a cabinet), then please provide two sets of answers, one for each case.

  2. If you run MAME on a non-Windows platform, answer to the best of your ability.

  3. If you don't know the answer and just use whatever the defaults are, just say "defaults".

With those groundrules in place, here are the questions:

  1. Do you run MAME in full screen mode or in a window?

  2. Do you allow MAME to switch your screen to different resolutions or color depths?

  3. Do you use Direct3D or DirectDraw?

  4. Do you use scanlines or RGB effects? If so, which ones?

  5. Do you use artwork? If not, would you use it if it weren't so slow?

  6. Do you use tweaked video modes and try to get MAME to use those modes?

  7. Do you deliberately run games at anything other than their intended aspect ratio?

  8. Do you use the brightness or gamma parameters (either on the command line or in the INI file) to adjust the color output?

  9. Do you run games with filtering or without? Do you use the prescale option for Direct3D mode?

  10. What make/model of video card is in the computer you run MAME on?

  11. Do you ever use the debugger?

In your answers keep it simple, and just reply like this:

1. Window. 2. No. 3. DirectDraw. etc.

If you want to add comments, please do so at the end.