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MAME 0.106u11

Okay, so there's a new release of MAME available. A bunch of new features are in this one, hopefully the last set of major functionality before we close down this cycle and get a real 0.107 release out there.

One thing I did slip in there was the ability to load an overlay file that gets applied on top of screens. I spent a lot of time at California Extreme this year staring up close at monitors to get a feeling for what the aperture masks look like. I've come up with a few that look pretty good when run at reasonably high resolutions. You can download them here and place them unzipped in the artwork directory. Use -effect aperture4x6 if you run at really high resolutions (2000x1500). I recommend -effect aperture2x4rb if you run at medium resolutions (1280x1024 or so). The other PNG files can be selected by just specifying their name after the -effect parameter.

If anyone manages to create nice masks, feel free to post links to them here. The masks are just standard PNG files. The RGB of each pixel is multiplied against the RGB values of the pixels of the screen, so you can just edit the masks in Photoshop or Paint or whatever you like.