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Out of Commission

As you might have heard, we got hit by a pretty nasty windstorm Thursday night. Fortunately, Vera and I didn't suffer any trees falling on our house or other bits of devastation that hit the area (though at least one of my coworkers did). However, since about 10pm Thursday, we've been without power, as has most of the entire region. It's all a bit eerie and strange. Last night was particularly fun as the outside temperatures dipped into the upper 20s and the inside temperatures were in the 40s.

The few places that do have power are completely mobbed. Downtown Seattle is one of those, which is where I'm at now, typing this from Vera's companies swanky new offices. Thanks to firewall issues, I don't have mail access here, so if you've sent me anything, you'll have to wait until I'm online for real before getting any response. Hopefully we won't have to be without power too much longer ... I can already feel the withdrawal setting in. :)

Given this, there's only a slim chance of seeing a MAME update between now and Christmas. Oh, and thanks to the various folks who responded to my last post, I think I have a disc secured now.