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A Quick Look Back

Now that the power is back on and Christmas vacation is over, I decided it was finally time to update a few stale pages on the site. The end of the year is always a good time to clean house. First, I removed the old MAME art section, since Mr. Do is doing a fantastic job accumulating nice, high quality artwork scans, and my feeble page seemed kind of sad in comparison!

Second, I went ahead and updated my MAME Log page with a summary of what I've been up to this past year. You'll notice heavy use of the word "rewrote" -- guess I felt some significant changes were needed. :) Luckily, I think things will settle down this coming year, with fewer rewrites (except for a few crufty drivers), and more fine tuning of the code that's currently there.

Third, I got to remove a few items from my fairly random MAME To-Do List and threw a couple more onto the fire. The exciting thing is that both of the "core" items that used to be there -- rewrite the video system and add laserdisc support -- are either complete or in progress. The only other major change I have in my sights right now is combining some of the Windows and SDLMAME code into common core pieces, which I hope I get a chance to do in the coming year.

But first I need to get back to that laserdisc support! I've had a lot of offers of help from people who are really excited to see this finally happen in MAME, and some great and very talented folks are helping to make sure this is done right. With luck, we'll have something to show for MAME's 10th anniversary (that's my hope, anyways!)