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Some Laserdisc Progress

After a bit of a hiatus with the holidays and fun power outages, I've been back making some progress on the laserdisc support. I now have the basic CHD format spec'ed out and implemented. And I have modified chdman.exe to support two new commands: -createav, which takes an AVI file plus an optional metadata file and compresses them to a CHD; and -extractav, which takes a CHD file and extracts it to an AVI file and a metadata file.

(And yes, the AVI reader/writer is cross-platform code, so it will work on non-Windows platforms as well. I also have a mostly complete QuickTime reader/writer, but am not sure if it is worth the effort to complete it. Though plugging the two together would produce an AVI <-> QuickTime conversion program, which would be useful!)

I'm happy to say that with a little bit of work using a test capture, I am now actually capable of displaying video from within MAME. There's still a lot of work to do yet to get the rest of the way, but this is a good step forward. Next up will be synchronizing frame and track numbers (you'll note the numerical discrepancy in the screenshot), wiring up the sound, improving performance, further enhancing chdman.exe with some additional I/O options, and all the while working with the great group of folks I've been talking to in order to get great quality source captures.

More to come as it all comes together!