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Slaying the Beast

It is a thing of legend, known for years, and yet never confronted. It has grown out of control ever since the earliest days of 1997. It has branched and forked, taking over dozens of source files. Years have passed and many features have been added to ease its burdens. And yet, this code remained largely as it was since its inception.

Occasional brave adventurers have stepped in from time to time, seeking to add yet another game to its hideous bloat. But they all quickly recognized the horror and fultilty, frantically ignoring similarities to other games, instead just focusing on getting in and getting out as quickly as possible.

And so the behemoth grew.

But something stirred within me. I noticed many games using colortables needlessly. And that included every single game intertwined with this terrible monster. The thought occurred to me to fix up the video timing as well. Just a simple change, really.

And then I saw stars. And they looked like of like the stars of Astrocade, except done badly. Consulting the schematics revealed fundamental flaws in the driver's video design. The potential impact was too great! What should I do? Turn away yet again? Leave it for a distant future, or another soul braver than I?

No. Not this time.

Schematics in hand, years of history against me, I stand now to face this beast. And I will make it clean.

Yes, the foul galaxianscramblefroggeramidarscobra beast will be tamed. Or I will die trying.

Wish me luck.