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Sometimes You Get Lucky

Just got back from California Extreme and spent today poking at various things that have been on my mind. One of these things is the video timing for the Midway MCR games. The video timing is controlled by a set of PALs that to date have not (to my knowledge) been dumped. So I recently found somebody who had a non-working Kick board and bought it off of him with the thought of reading the PALs.

Well, reading the PALs isn't going anywhere (don't know how to dump a 20X10 PAL or how to ID some of the others yet), but I did dump the ROMs. Turns out that not only is it a different set than is currently supported, but it is one that actually shows "Kickman" on the title screen! Frankly, I had believed that the "Kickman" variants were all gone, but it looks like that wasn't the case! Definitely worth the few clams I dropped on the board, even if I don't figure out how to read the video timing PALs. :)