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97 and Counting….

Forgot to post an update after the release of MAME 0.122u6, but we have another 26 bugfixes, taking us to 97 bugs fixed at the halfway point of the month. We had 5 new yellow/red fixes in u6, along with 21 smaller fixes.

This makes the currrent totals: $270 (27 x $10) + $350 (70 x $5) + $300 (3 x $100) = $920 raised for the dumping project. And with only 3 more bugs, we will cross 100 and add another $100 to the pot. Actually, I can tell you that I already see at least 3 more fixes ready to go for the next release, so we are over the $1,000 mark!

Thanks to everyone (especially those outside of the core team) for putting some extra focus on clearing out some of these bugs. And apologies to Fujix over at MAMETesters for making him do much more work this month. ;)