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MAME 0.91

The official MAME 0.91 download is now available. Some really nice fixes in this update.

Unfortunately, I managed to introduce a bug in the memory mirroring code at the last minute. Most games aren't affected, but it does affect Killer Instinct and the Seattle games, so don't be surprised if they hang in 0.91.

If you'd like to apply a quick fix, you can add the following line to memory.c, at line 1247:

if (cur_index == LEVEL1_INDEX(end + hmirrorbase))

right before this line:

if (hmirrorcount != 0 && prev_entry == tabledata->table[cur_index])

In other news, I finally cleaned up and submitted the Vegas/Denver driver. This is mostly a bunch of non-working games except for Gauntlet Legends, if you enjoy playing games at 5fps.