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If you’re having trouble viewing the site…

It's because your browser is caching things too aggressively. Do what you need to do to force it to reload and it will be fine. I've tested it extensively on IE6 and Firefox, and I promise you it works. If your browser has cached the old stylesheet, that's your browser's fault, and it will look bad. Sorry.

A new look

Giving this look a try for now. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but quite frankly, the old look wasn't really doing it for me anymore. As usual, let me know of browser weirdnesses that result and how bad IE 5.5 is misbehaving....

Done for now

No, it didn't take me all day to tweak with the site. Got distracted along with way with a sick wife and some lengthy movie watching.

Most of the changes are small layout tweaks I've been meaning to do. I'm trying to float the left and right sides again, hopefully it will work for everyone. I also added category-specific RSS feeds, so you can subscribe to a specific category if you want.

Let me know if anything is really broken (ducks!)

Mucking with the site…

Two weeks in and I feel the need to tweak a few things. Excuse any weirdness while I fiddle. I'll post again when I'm done so you can all complain when it doesn't work on your browser. :)

TypeKey now works

Since a few people have mentioned that it was broken, I registered this site with TypeKey so that you can use your standard weblog login to post here. For those who don't know, TypeKey is just a basic authentication service that is used by many different blogging packages for authentication when posting comments. With MAME World looking to move to a blogging frontend, and Haze considering it as well, it might be worthwhile signing up, as the same authentication will work for everyone (assuming the blogging packages support TypeKey).