Back in college I learned to write Macintosh software on my girlfriend's Mac IIcx. Starting then, and continuing until mid 2000 or so, I continued to churn out freeware utilities for the Mac. Of course, the final few years were spent developing for MacMAME.

Anyway, I've decided that after all these years, this old software should have a permanent home. Although I don't support it anymore, I still see requests now and again for JPEGView or uuUndo floating on the newsgroups. Also, I have decided to finally publish the source code for all my Macintosh utilities, in case anyone is interested. But be sure to read the source code license below before using any of my code.

Terms of Use

Software License: This software is UNSUPPORTED. It is provided as-is, with no warranty implied or expressed. You may use this software only at your own risk; Aaron Giles is not responsible for any damange related to the use of this software.

Source Code License: The source code in these packages is copyright © 1991-2001, Aaron Giles, unless otherwise attributed.

You may freely use small portions (up to 25%) of this software in your own code, as long as you acknowledge my copyright in your about box and documentation as follows: "Portions of this code © 1991-2001, Aaron Giles". I would also like to receive a copy/license to any software that makes use of my code. Contact me at

If you wish to use larger portions of this code, you MUST contact me first, explaining what you are planning to do with it, in order to obtain permission. Under no circumstances may you release a variant of this software named — or obviously derived from the name — of the original software package without obtaining my permission to do so.

The Software

That said, here's the software (more to come later):

JPEGView JPEGView source code The premiere Macintosh image viewer for many years. Views JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and PICT files with a very simple user interface and a powerful slide show feature. This is the first Macintosh application I ever wrote, which grew way beyond my original dreams for it.
Zipper source included A very fast ZIP/UnZIP utility. Very simple interface. It was never finished, but is perfectly adequate for most simple ZIPping tasks.