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12/30/2001: Back from Christmas vacation — hope everyone had a happy holiday! Today's update is just a little bit of tweaking to the overall design, nothing much. Look for more good stuff in the new year!
12/11/2001: Happy birthday to me! Since this is the last year my age will fit in 5 bits, I'd better make the most of it!
12/05/2001: Been on a bit of a bug fixing kick recently. Hopefully I've fixed all the major bugs I introduced when I cleaned up the interrupt system a few builds ago! I also got a chance to add a rare Williams prototype games PlayBall! — check out the MAME WIP page for screenshots!
11/28/2001: I am so SICK of BattleToads ... thank goodness the driver is finally done! I also added a sound core for the BSMT2000, which is used by BattleToads but also by a number of pinball games. Should make the PinMAME guys happy (they've been nagging me to do it for months!) Updated the MAME Log with the latest stuff.
11/17/2001: Sent in the Revolution X driver today. On to something new (or old!)
11/15/2001: Whoa, another update! This should be amusing. I wonder if anyone's still paying attention. If you are, some pics on my MAME WIP Page might interest you....
11/14/2001: Managed to knock a few more items off the MAME To Do List. I also tracked down a rare board I've been looking for. Hopefully I can write a driver for it soon!
10/19/2001: Boy, I really need to get on the ball here with the updates! I've been busy these past couple of months with some MAME cleanup, the addition of Star Guards, and setting up my home theater (boy, it's a lot of work!) Hopefully I'll have some pictures and more to talk about soon. In the meantime, I've updated my MAME To Do List and my MAME Log with the bits of progress I've made recently.
08/25/2001: Wow, it's been a while, huh? Well, here's a CPS2 fix for MAME 0.54. I also made small updates to a few of my other pages.
08/07/2001: Added a new page: the Atari Slapstic FAQ
08/07/2001: Added proper credit to Shiriru for the Windows 95 divide-by-zero fix on the MAME Fixes Page
08/04/2001: Cleaned up the MAME Fixes Page, added a real fix for Windows 95, and another little surprise — check it out!
08/01/2001: Added a page for Atari PCB and Part Numbers to help with identifying boards
08/01/2001: I started trying to write part 3 of my MAME Memories page, but ended up on a different path and decided to convert what I wrote into a new section: Aaron's Computing History which sort of explains how I got to where I am today
07/31/2001: some minor updates to the MAME Log and MAME To Do List
07/30/2001: here are some pics of what I've been working on — it will be nice to get this monkey off my back!
07/27/2001: small update on the MAME Fixes Page for Windows 95 users — let me know if it works!
07/27/2001: just a quick update — been making good progress on a long-standing MAME issue; more details this weekend!
07/19/2001: returned from a nice two-week stay in Paris ... the trip was nice, but I highly recommend staying FAR FAR AWAY from — they are total scam artists!
07/01/2001: this will be my last update for a little bit; I'll be busy with other things for the next few weeks
07/01/2001: one more MAMEW Fixes Page update
06/29/2001: added a partial Old Mac Software Page
06/27/2001: minor update to the MAMEW Fixes Page
06/26/2001: another update to the MAMEW Fixes Page
06/26/2001: added MAME To Do List
06/22/2001: tweaked the layout of the links page
06/22/2001: another update to the MAMEW Fixes Page
06/19/2001: split up the MAME Memories page
06/18/2001: new update on the MAMEW Fixes Page
06/14/2001: added the links page
06/13/2001: updated the MAME Memories page
06/12/2001: added MAME Memories page
06/12/2001: added MAME Log page
06/12/2001: added MAME Drivers page
06/12/2001: updated the Gridlee page