This is the official homepage for the Radikal Bikers emulator. This is a standalone emulator that I wrote in 2004 which emulates the game Radikal Bikers by Gaelco. It is not super polished, and I really don't have any strong intentions of making it better. It was primarily an experiment so I could learn about Direct3D 8 and test out some static recompilation ideas I had. The emulator will crash sometimes or get stuck while playing. But it's still kind of fun to play.

Since everyone likes to ask, no, none of this is ever going into MAME. Although my emulator runs full speed on many modern machines, in order to get it there I had to not only use the 3D hardware, but I also had to statically recompile the DSP code for two separate DSPs. Unfortunately, there are no good generic ways to do the latter which are compatible with MAME. And although it is in theory possible to make MAME use your 3D hardware, it would not be enough to get full speed for a while yet. Plus it would be a compatibility nightmare.

Emulator requirements:

  • Windows 2000 or later. I have heard that it almost works on Windows 98, but honestly, I don't care.
  • DirectX 8 or later. I wrote this to learn Direct3D 8, so you will need it.
  • 2GHz or faster machine. Your mileage may vary, but that's my guesstimate.
  • 64MB modern video card. You might get away with less, but I know the game uses 64MB worth of textures.

If you think you're up to spec, you can download a copy of the emulator here. Note that you will need to extract the data from a real Radikal Bikers board in order to play it. Don't ask me how to do there or where you might get any help. I will just ignore you.