Too Many Years

Hey, how’s it going? It’s been way too long, I know. What’s new with you?

Great, great. Me? Well, to tell you the truth, life’s been pretty crazy recently!

A few years ago my son was born and that kind of turned my world upside-down. Priorities shifted, that kind of thing. I tried valiantly to continue working on MAME, but you know, it just didn’t really work out. The kinds of things I wanted to do just required long, intense bouts of concentration. Not very toddler-compatible.

Oh sure, I still lurk on the mailing lists and message boards. Still check out a few things now and then, just to see how it’s going. But realistically, I have to admit it: I’m done with hardcore emulation programming for the foreseeable future.

And it’s not just the kid’s fault. Back in 2008 I joined the local church choir, began learning how to sing. It wasn’t supposed to be a life-changing event, but it really kind of was. I struggled through the first couple seasons, found I didn’t completely suck, then got the chance to perform my first big work.

Blew. Me. Away. I was smitten.

Since then singing and more generally music has dominated what free time I’ve had. I joined a local community choir, which I now manage. Took up formal lessons. Developed online rehearsal tools. Created new websites. Researched obscure Slovakian music. Even went back to school to take some Music Theory courses. And have now started doing simple choral arrangements.

So yeah, between family, work, school, and music, life’s pretty hectic. And pretty awesome.

Time for a fresh start and a new focus on this site!