Old Sources on GitHub

Over the years I’ve written a lot of code. Quite a lot of what I’ve done has been incorporated into the MAME project, but there are some straggling utilities and other bits and pieces that have been sitting on my machine forever.

As luck would have it, MAME moved over to using GitHub to host the project’s source code in January, and thus I was forced into creating an account.

So given that I now have this account (also linked in the buttons at the top), I’ve decided to start uploading some of my old sources.

So far I’ve created these repositories:

  • TIFFUtilities — some utilities that I wrote around libtiff that straighten and package black & white scans (mostly geared for music)
  • Gaelco3D — the sources to my standalone Radikal Bikers emulator, and the unfinished sources for the matching Surf Planet and Speed Up emulators
  • VBIUtils — my DirectShow plugin sources that can be used with the right laserdisc hardware to capture the VBI data along with the laserdisc video

In the future, I’ll probably add my JPEGView and uuUndo sources, and anything else I find lying around that might be interesting.

Have fun!