Composition Notebook: December 2014

Subject: SATB arrangement of The Face of Christ, originally written by Susan E. Bloomfield.

So in the time leading up to Advent this year, we were handed this simple piece to sing as our gospel acclimation (if you visit the link above, you can download the lead sheet, at least as of the time of this post). I think the idea was to choose something that both our choir and our praise band could sing, to create continuity between two services that typically have vastly different music.

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Composition Notebook: Introduction

It’s been a couple of months now — time to give this blog some kind of purpose.

When I signed up for my Music Theory class last summer, I knew I wanted a few basic things out of it: to improve my sight singing; to do some formal interval and dictation training; and to gain a better understanding of the structure of the music I’ve been singing.

Now, after two quarters, I’ve found that: sight singing is coming along nicely (though I really hate Solfège); interval training is kicking my rear (dictation is going ok); and, as it turns out, I am totally loving the study and analysis of music structure.

This naturally led me to seriously consider composing something of my own.

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