Messiah Rehearsal Tracks

For several years now, I’ve run the site to privately host rehearsal tracks for choral groups that I participate in.

With the holidays fast approaching — and with them the inevitable Messiah sing-a-longs — I figured it was finally time to share something more broadly useful: a set of Messiah rehearsal tracks.

They are now available for free usage in two categories:

All part numbers, measure numbers, and page numbers are based on the Bärenreiter Urtext edition of Messiah, but I expect that they should line up pretty well with most other editions.

There are a couple of specific edits in the versions presented here, as compared to the version in the full Bärenreiter edition:

  1. For “How beautiful are the feet of Him/Their sound is gone out,” the version presented here is the second version (34a/35a) instead of the longer versions (34/35) that appear earlier in the edition.
  2. For “O death where is thy sting?” (44) the cut from measure 5 to measure 23 is removed.

Feel free to give them a try! And if you find any errors, be sure to click the “Report an Error” button to file a report, and I’ll be sure to get it fixed as soon as I can.