New Arrangements for Strings & Flute

So for the Sacred Music Chorale‘s upcoming Spring 2016 concerts this weekend, I have once again had the opportunity to liven up some of the pieces we’re singing with strings and flute. Emboldened by the results at Christmas, I volunteered to take on 7 of our pieces:

  • Consider the Lilies by Marie E. Roll
  • How Can I Keep from Singing? arranged by Bradley Ellingboe
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd by Thomas Matthews
  • O Be Joyful in the Lord by John Rutter
  • Our Father, arranged by Benjamin Harlan
  • Praise to the Lord, the Almighty arranged by Robert Sterling
  • Shout for Joy! by Dan Davison

As with my previous arrangements, nothing too earth-shatteringly difficult or “out there.” And some, like the Our Father, are fairly minimal (just a bass line in that case).

But still there were a few interesting challenges. I was even so bold as to add a countermelody near the end of Consider the Lilies to make things a little more interesting.

I got to hear them live for the first time at dress rehearsal on Wednesday and they are sounding pretty good! Just a couple of minor typos found, and we decided to drop the string accompaniment at the very beginning of How Can I Keep from Singing? since it ended up being a bit much in practice.

Now that I’m past being concerned with how the arrangements turned out, I can focus on enjoying singing in the upcoming concerts!

Vocal Woes – March Update

At last, some improvement!

Since my previous post, I followed up with my doctor and visited a vocal coach who is experienced in working with singers who have vocal damage. Prior to those visits I had started noticing a little less trouble getting above a D4 while singing, and was at times able to reach E4.

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Vocal Woes

Back at the start of November, things were just really starting to click. I was on sabbatical from work, had just joined the Seattle Bach Choir, and had taken a few lessons from a new voice teacher I was really excited to work with. I was really starting to feel good improvement in my tone and excited to keep working at it.

And then one Thursday morning I woke up and found I could no longer sing much above a D4 (pretty much the sweet spot for a tenor). When I tried to sing anything higher, what came out was a strained D. If I was lucky.

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First Arrangements Performed

I’m a firm believer that nothing you learn really sinks in until you apply it. So, having just completed my first year course in Music Theory, I figured that I really needed to keep working at composition in order to help cement the things I had learned.

Thus, I was excited to be given the opportunity to develop string arrangements for several pieces in the Sacred Music Chorale‘s Fall 2015 concert. Read More →