The Final Rip: F

Here is where I talk a little about various artists whose music I own. (S/T means self-titled.)

Since MTV was a big part of my early music experience, I tried to find videos of one song for each band just for fun. Apologies in advance for some of the more lurid examples, I mostly picked them based on the song, not on the video content!

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Complete(ish) Collections

The Faint (1998 Media, 1999 Blank-Wave Arcade, 2001 Danse Macabre, 2003 Danse Macabre Remixes, 2004 Wet From Birth, 2008 Fasciinatiion, 2014 Doom Abuse) — Picked up Danse Macabre on a whim shortly after I moved to Seattle and instantly fell in love with the old school synths combined with the dark lyrics and heavy sound. Totally feel these guys deserve more attention.

The Faint - Agenda Suicide

Fatboy Slim (1996 Better Living Through Chemistry, 1998 You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby, 2000 Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars, 2004 Palookaville) — Along with The Crystal Method, Fatboy Slim was part of my “second wave” of mid-90s electronica. He only released a handful of albums which are all quite excellent (apart from a cover of “The Joker” which I could have done without). Plus you can thank him for giving us Christopher Walken dancing!

Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice

The Fatima Mansions (1989 Against Nature, 1990 Viva Dead Ponies, 1991 Bertie’s Brochures, 1991 The Only Solution: Another Revolution, 1992 Valhalla Avenue, 1994 Lost in the Former West) — OMG, this band. Another one of my all-time favorites. A complete fluke find after picking up the single “The Only Solution: Another Revolution” which I had heard might be industrial (kinda, sorta, but the rest of his stuff, not so much). Think more Irish with a bad attitude, biting political lyrics, and an amazing ability to write hooks. If you search “aaron giles fatima mansions” you can see that I tried (and often failed hilariously) to transcribe all the lyrics and share them over Usenet back in the day.

The Fatima Mansions - Blues For Ceauşescu

Fischerspooner (2000 #1, 2005 Odyssey, 2009 Entertainment) — Picked up these guys based on their first single “Emerge.” Another electronica band, though this one is classified as “electroclash.” Man, people overthink these things. The bonus track “Megacolon” from the first album is, uh, interesting to say the least.

Fischerspooner Emerge Original

Front 242 (1982 Geography, 1984 No Comment, 1987 Official Version, 1988 Front by Front, 1991 Mixed by Fear, 1991 Tyranny (For You), 1993 05:22:09:12 Off, 1993 06:21:03:11 Up Evil, 1993 Angels Versus Animals, 1998 Headhunter 2000, 1998 Re:Boot, 2003 Pulse, 2003 Still and Raw) — The opening of “Until Death (Us Do Part)” is to this day one of my favorite album openings of all time, and was what originally sold me on industrial music when I first heard it. It’s also probably why Front By Front is my favorite of their albums. I also have a soft spot for the two extended remix EPs, Mixed by Fear, and Angels Versus Animals. Was great to have some new music from them in 2003 after 10 years, but they failed to repeat in 2013 like I had hoped!

front 242 - until death ( us do part ) clip

Partial Collections

Mylène Farmer (1988 Ainsi soit je, 1991 L’Autre, 1992 Beyond My Control, 1992 Dance Remixes, 1995 Anamorphosée, 1999 Innamoramento) — My girlfriend (now wife) studied abroad in Paris her junior year and discovered Mylène Farmer. I luckily got the opportunity to spend a few months in nearby (via the TGV) Geneva and so we had a bit of a cultural music exchange. I have no idea what she’s singing about, but she’s got some pretty, moody music to go with them. My entry point was almost certainly “Beyond My Control,” which samples one of my all-time favorite movies, Dangerous Liaisons. (And check out the steamy soft core vampire action in the video — how very French!)

Mylene Farmer Beyond My Control clip

Filter (1995 Short Bus, 1999 Title of Record, 2002 The Amalgamut, 2008 Anthems for the Damned) — Started listening to these guys originally due to their Nine Inch Nails connection and their debut single, “Hey Man, Nice Shot.” For whatever reason, the wife ended more into them than I was, though we haven’t checked out much from them in the last 10 years or so.

Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot (Official Video) HD

Fluke (1997 Risotto, 2001 Progressive History X, 2003 Puppy) — More great electronica for the mix! Latched onto Fluke as a result of “Atom Bomb” from the Wipeout 2097 video game soundtrack, of all things.

Greatest Hits

The Fixx (1989 One Thing Leads to Another: Greatest Hits) — “Stand or Fall” was one of my favorite MTV memories, and in college it seemed everyone had this greatest hits compilation. Definitely a worthwhile purchase, as pretty much every track on it is gold. My biggest disappointment was that they cheaped out and included a live version of “Stand or Fall” instead of the real one. (This is one of my most common complaints about hits compilations — stop with the live versions!)


Foreigner (1982 Records, 2014 The Best of Foreigner 4 & More) — Again, two not completely overlapping greatest hits albums. Man, I remember distinctly that “Hot Blooded” was just absolutely huuuuuuge when I was young and impressionable, though I always preferred the follow-up “Double Vision.”

Double Vision - Foreigner

Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1993 Bang!… The Greatest Hits of Frankie Goes to Hollywood) — Between “Relax” and “Two Tribes,” Frankie Goes to Hollywood had an amazing debut and was in constant rotation on MTV. They only ever released two albums, both of which I owned at one point. This compliation CD pretty much covers all the essentials.

Frankie goes to hollywood - Two Tribes (HD)