Aaron Giles


How Did I Get Here?

Currently residing in the greater Seattle area, I am a programmer, musician, husband, father, and hophead.

St. Pius X school
St. Pius X school

I was born in 1970 and spent my formative years attending St. Pius X elementary school in Toledo, Ohio.

Sticking within the Catholic school system, I next attended St. Francis de Sales High School, where I participated in yearbook and debate and played lots of D&D, then graduated as Salutatorian with the class of 1989.

I applied for early admission to two colleges—Harvard and the University of Chicago—was accepted at both, and decided to attend Chicago. During Orientation Week I met my future wife who lived two doors down from me in the dorm. In order to save money, I took advantage of AP credits and finished my undergraduate degree in Physics in 3 years.

The OPAL particle detector at CERN
The OPAL particle detector at CERN

Since my girlfriend still had an extra year to go, and since I was debating going to graduate school, I signed on with the U of C Physics Department as a Research Assistant, which gave me the opportunity to travel to CERN and work on the OPAL Particle Detector, for which I developed firmware and diagnostic software.

From there, we moved to New York City where I worked as a Mac programmer at the Cornell University Medical College. Our experience of NYC was that it was awesome for 6 months, neutral for the next 6 months, and we were itching to escape for the final 6 months. Just not our scene.

Instead we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where I worked at LucasArts Entertainment Company on video games. When I grew tired of that, I moved on to Connectix, where I developed software emulation technology on the Mac and Windows.

In 2003, Connectix was bought out by Microsoft and we moved to the Puget Sound region of Washington State, where we currently live. Compared to NYC and the Bay Area, this area has felt the most like “home” to us.

In 2007, I started singing with the local church choir, and discovered an intense love for choral music. In 2011, our son was born, and life hasn't been the same since!


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