Vocal Woes — May Update

Almost there!

Not too much more to report since my last update, except that I am still working on getting comfortable again in my upper range. I’m starting to be able to revisit some of my old solo repertoire and sing it again without too much fear that I won’t be able to hit the high notes.

I finished out the Spring season with Sacred Music Chorale and ended up switch-hitting between tenor and bass, favoring the bass in most pieces, but opting for tenor when the bass part sat too low. (And at times confusing my neighbor!)

For the Spring season of Seattle Bach Choir I’ve gone back to being a full-time tenor. The repertoire sits pretty high in the tenor voice for this concert (especially for our May Cantata concert), so this has been good exercise for my upper range, with a focus on not pushing myself.

I also decided now was the time to go back to voice lessons, so I broke up with my piano teacher and began voice studies again. I’m happy to say that I’m already noticing some good things happening!

So I guess this has been a rebuilding year of sorts, but in the end I’m hoping this whole stressful experience will make me a better singer.

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    And to see if you would change your opinion about finishing your Radikal Bikers emu and fix the crashes.
    But i must say i was impressed when i saw you are an active member of a chorus from a church.
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    But i never stop believing in god and i don’t blame him for that bad experiences.

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